What You Can Do

This foundation isn’t just a fleeting dream or idea. With the help of your donations, we’ve been able to assist hundreds of people nationally, who might otherwise be dead.

Our goal is to continue to grow and help even more who are in need. But to accomplish that, we need YOUR help!

We have a great need for monetary donations, of course, but also encourage your support via donation of time, services, products and IDEAS. Whether you live in Yuma, Arizona and want to hold a bake sale for us, or work on Wall Street and want to donate investment services, we are open to it! We are continually searching for new, innovative ways to raise funds, awareness and encourage ‘an all hands’ on deck effort. Please feel free to message us with ideas, time and services you would be willing to donate.  Periodically we will be needing supplies for upcoming events as well.



The Jake Koenigsdorf Foundation is a recognized 501c3 nonprofit.

All donations are recognized by a tax deductible receipt.

One-Time Donation:

Monthly Donors:


It has been 1366 days
... or 195 weeks & 1 days

In this time, WE have raised $244,000.
300 addicts (from 29 states) have been funded into recovery facilities.

44 months ago, these numbers weren't even imaginable. 
There are 300 grateful addicts and most likely 1000’s of loved ones grateful for what we have done together.

A recent study says that heroin likely killed more people in 2016 than the wars in Vietnam and Iraq combined. 
Now that is unimaginable...

Can we do more? Can we afford not to?

What if every one of our followers on Facebook donated 1 dollar a week, $5 each month …... 
That's 5,000 dollars a week! SO... 5-6 sick people could be funded into recovery every single week - all helped by the change that you lose every day in that really annoying spot between your car seat and center console.

There is a 99.9876542% chance that you know at least 1 person affected by addiction. 

What if that person needs to be #301?

Help someone, no one else will
- A grateful PA man in recovery.