Legacies Of Hope

Eric Kennedy

Eric, our son, passed March 4th, 2017. As we reflect on who our son was and always will be to us, we would like to share him with you. Eric was only 29 years young when he lost his battle to the disease of addiction. In honor of his angel-versary, we are choosing to be a sponsor for someone wanting recovery. We strongly feel his guidance around us as we choose to help another in need. 

Our son Eric was a kind and caring man with a great smile and a soft hug. He was a smart, handsome, creative, sensitive soul with a great work ethic who loved to build with his hands. He helped us with many projects. He liked to fish and would love to experiment with new cooking recipes. His love for animals had always stood out, always choosing to rescue an animal and give them a home. He had a special bond with his dog Mischa. 

Eric had his challenges in life and ultimately fell victim to them. We are not sure how and when he became addicted to opioids and then heroin, but he was really struggling the last few years of his life. He fought the battle hard every day and even through his tough times he was always there for his friends in need to give them support and advice when asked. Always and forever his loving parents- Mary & Kevin Kennedy


Vaughn Borrelli

My son Vaughn passed away from a heroin overdose July 17, 2015, 4 days before his 25th birthday. His addiction to opioids began after having several back surgeries. Oxycodone was given for the pain. My son was one of the most compassionate people I have ever met. His smile and laugh were infectious. Throughout his addiction, he was able to help other people struggling but unfortunately was not able to help himself in the same way. This may sound strange, but I believe there was a bigger purpose to all of this.

My sons passing was a catalyst for me. It made me a better person. It changed my direction and attitude about life. As devastating and sad as it is that I lost my son, I have to thank him for the gifts he has given me. I loved him when he was alive, and my love for him continues to grow stronger every day. Thank you Vaughn, for being the person you are. I love you. -Janet

Patrick and Susan.jpg

Patrick Capotosto

My husband’s only child and my baby, Patrick Rosario Capotosto (named for his grandfather) left our lives on September 10th, 2017 of an apparent heroin overdose. Patrick was crazy brilliant. When he was in active addiction, he was just crazy, self-medicating and trying to find that “thing” that would bring him peace. He was an avid comic book collector, and a darned good chef, with a wit that could bring down the house, and often did.

My boy was a baby magnet. Many times, in the grocery store, I would catch a toothless grin or a shy smile for a second, I’d think they were for me. Then I’d turn and see Patrick’s delightful antics.We knew Patrick wanted to be a dad more than anything and when he finally became one, his joy was infectious. Such care and concern he had for Rain and it came so naturally to him.

His addiction was hard on us all but even during the bad times, we would see glimpses of his empathy and kindness, as well as his despair over his lack of control. Anytime we’d pass a homeless person, he would stop and offer a cigarette and a word of encouragement. I was so proud of him.

When Patrick died, he left a huge brother-shaped hole in his sister’s heart and he took part of mine with him. Forever Patrick’s Mom- Susan

James Angername.jpg

James Angerame

James passed away at the age of 28 from a fatal overdose of fentanyl laced Heroin. This is a fact. This fact does not define who James was. James was a son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin and friend to many.

James grew up just like anyone else. He played the trombone in middle school, Little League, lacrosse (briefly) but he exceeded at roller hockey. James always had a love for animals. He had every pet imaginable. He left behind his best companion Roxie, a German Shephard.He was an artist, it was a natural talent he possessed but never pursued. He loved cars and video games, especially Zelda and his passion was his motorcycle. James once said to me “My greatest high is when I am riding my bike”.  He often told stories of he and his friends going on rides and meeting up with other bikers. That was when James was at his happiest. He felt like he was a part of something bigger than himself. It gave him freedom from the pressures of daily life.

We all miss you, your sisters Jenni and Meaghan and your brother Steven and countless others. I am happy you are at peace and undoubtedly riding the ultimate bike on the most amazingly beautiful highway you could ever imagine.

But you….my first-born child…Have left me with unforgettable memories. “Remember Mom…. When it was just you and me..?"

Kyle E Tilley.jpg

Kyle Elliott Tilley

Kyle was a people person.  Even at a young age, he always wanted to interact with others.  Kyle never met a stranger.  He had a way of making people feel comfortable around him and would strike up a conversation with anyone.  It mattered none to him if you were rich or poor, well dressed or tattered, male, female, on cloud nine or in a ditch.He had an unassuming smile that put people at ease. 

Kyle was also a “Good Samaritan”.  He would help anyone…even if it made a hardship for himself.  I never knew him to be confrontational toward anyone. Kyle never really cared about material wealth.  It was never a driving force in his life.  He cared about and wanted the things that money couldn’t buy; like happiness, close friends, a womans’ love, a wife, children, and family.  He traveled all over the United States…was never fearful of a new location, a new job, or to meet new people.

A good portion of his life here on earth was troubled.  He had his demons.  He had to “pull himself up by the bootstraps” many times and try again…but he never gave up wanting his life to be “normal”. He had his failures…failures that would have beaten a weaker man…there was no “quit” in Kyle.

Until his death, we were not aware of the many people he had met, influenced, or helped during his short life.  My heart tells me that he would have wanted people to remember him as… “a good guy, someone who would be there if you needed him”.  I think he accomplished that, and of this, we are most proud of our son. -Henry & Annette Tilley